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NowCoin - The Multiproject

The NowCoin ecosystem is ready to provide added value to any starting project that wishes to implement cryptocurrency as its core asset.


Why so special?

NowCoin is aiming to become an organic and project-independent cryptocurrency. This is somewhat different from the mainstream, as currently individual tokens are created for each and every global blockchain project.

What is NowCoin offering:

- NowCoin already exists, has holders and history
- NowCoin has an expanding community, in other words it can offer crossmarketing and almost immediate adoption
- NowCoin is actively traded on the exchange, not just as a distant promise of a running ICO
- NowCoin has a Founder's Pool which can be joined by founders of partnering projects


NowCoin - Our coin

NowCoin is a crypto asset created on the robust and quick BitShares platform.

Ultimately, a total number of 110 million coins will be in circulation, which might be divided up until four decimals.  


Our Blockchain

The underlying platform, BitShares is designed from the ground up to process more transactions every second than VISA and MasterCard combined.

With Delegated Proof of Stake, the BitShares network can confirm transactions in an average of just 1 second, limited only by the speed of light.

A high-performance decentralized crypto exchange is one organic pillar of the BitShares ecosystem.

The fully operational exchange has all features necessary for crypto trading, and will instantly allow holders of NowCoin to create trading pairs with ultimately all assets within the BitShares universe – including stablecoins as bitUSD or gateway-based assets like open.BTC or open.ETH.

Wallet, purchase and trade

1. CREATE your Bitshares Wallet

2. DEPOSIT your BTC to your Wallet

3. BUY your NowCoins


Crypto and tech enthusiast lawyer and investor, with 15+ years experience in international corporate investments, president of the Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation.

Member of the board of the Hungarian Cryptocurrency Foundation,
assisting business clients with legal advice for 15+ years.

Bitcoin entrepreneur, seasoned asset manager with decades of experience,
ex-CEO of CIB Investment Fund, where he managed a portfolio of USD 1.5 billion.

Sr. Sales/BizDev Pro with a keen sense for Marketing.
A Tech. enthusiast with close to 10+ years in the space in one form or another.
Excited to watch Blockchain Revolutionize the World.

Co-Founder of Creata with over 5+ million users.
9+ years experience in the areas of sales, international business development, partnerships, merchandise and gaming.
Heavily involved in the
Blockchain, Crypto and Social media Scene with over 100k+ followers

Huge fan of cryptocurrency landscape and understand basics of Blockchain. Highly entrepreneurial and passionate about new routes to market. Strategic and commercial thinker. Known for leading teams in dynamic environments.